• The space for the governor has been
    reborn as a space for the people.
  • Gyeonggi’s gubernatorial residence was recognized as a private place for the governor during the performance of public functions.
    Now, this residence is wide open to the public and awaits visitors. The Good Morning House strives to be a open place where everyone can come and stay.
    It will recharge the energy of those who need a respite. A night at the guest house will be a unique experience unlike that of other general accommodations.
    And if you want to taste the little pleasures of life, please stop by the Good Morning Cafe. 
    The Good Morning House generously makes front lawn available for unforgettable special events.
    A small wedding in the beautiful garden will make the event even more precious and meaningful.
    The Good Morning House is right there for sharing the emotions of life, culture and art while creating new discourse.
도지사의 공간
  • Gyeonggi’s gubernatorial residence has been returned to the people.
  • Since 1967, 22 governors have stayed in this residence while governing Gyeonggi-do for a combined total of 47 years. We would now like to return this facility to the people. The Good Morning House seeks to be a 'warm and blessed place' where any visitor can enjoy some rest, and where the lives of all people can be embraced.  It will be positioned as an attraction of Gyeonggi-do — where history, culture and art thrive — through linkage with the Hwaseong Dulle-gil Trail, Hwaseong Temporary Palace, and Seojangdae Command Post. In this way, the spirit of King Jeongjo's love for the people and Jeong Yak-yong's Realist School of Confucianism will be kept alive.

  • - Nam Kyung-pil, Governor of Gyeonggi-do-
  • 남경필
  • A new definition of a gubernatorial
    residence starts at the Good Morning House.
  • While preserving the 'authority' and 'dignity' of the gubernatorial residence, I sought to create a place that encourages active visits and participation by people. That is the focus of this place, setting it apart from other gubernatorial residences that function as banquet halls or meeting rooms. I believe the gubernatorial residence should be 'living' and 'beyond', and those elements are the identity of a place that harmonizes with people, maintaining its unique features and values while avoiding a complete transformation.

  • - Kim Chan-joong, architect -
  • 김찬중

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